Survival Games

What you have to aknowledge about survival games is that they really make you feel accomplished after you start gettting good at the game. You always start with terrible living conditions, but you learn to adapt and find a way to survive. By the time those conditions have vastly improved, there is a good chance that you will feel great with all the change you've allowed to happen. As for what happens after, it's really up to you. This is probably one of the few things that this genre of games lacks in, but there are some who've learned how to combat this problem. In fact, there is a certain game that's made a comback recently that handles this very well.


"Minecraft" is a grand game that has had a great return in 2019 10 years since its realease in 2009. You start the main part of the game by spawning in a world, forced to rush and fetch materials to build a shelter before the sun goes down. Anywhere there is darkness, monsters, otherwise known as "mobs", come out to get you, with only your base walls keeping them at bay. Overtime, you will be able to learn as the game progressed and build your base to absolutely dominate these monsters, leaving you free to do as you please. The end of the game is considered when you defeat a boss called the "Ender Dragon", but even afterwards, there is still a lot to do in this game! First, aside from survival mode, there is also creative mode, which is like a sandbox version of the game. You have all the materials to build whatever you please, but you won't get any of the games achievements, which have to be done in survival mode. If that isn't your cup of tea, there is also multiple servers that serve other purposes rather than just surviving and building. On these servers are usually different minigames where multiple players can join and play either with or against each other. However, if you are still not satisfied, let me tell you this: this game is basically an all-in-one package. Those who own the game have the ability to code for each world they make, leading to different kinds of downloadable content, such as adventure maps for lovers of adventure games, which I have found to be the most common of downloadable worlds made. In the end, while "Minecraft" started as a survival game, through the power of its players, it is so much more.

Minecraft Button

Minecraft Button by Tom Maillioux from CC BY-NC-ND 2.0